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 D-Rank Jutsu Shop!

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PostSubject: D-Rank Jutsu Shop!   Thu Jul 25, 2013 9:04 am

Name: "Shadow Shuriken Technique"
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: D
Class: Offensive
Range: 15
Attack: 1d4+Taijutsu vs. AC
Chakra: 5
Prerequisite: Intelligence 5+
Effect: N/A

Name: "Dynamic Entry"
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: D
Class: Offensive
Range: 5
Attack: 1d4 + Taijutsu vs. Fortitude
Chakra: 5
Prerequisite: Strength 5+

Name: Body Flicker Technique
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: D
Class: Supplementary
Range: 10
Success: 1d4 + speed vs. DC
Chakra: 5
Prerequisite: Dexterity 5+
Effect: Lets the user move up to 10 feet + 1 feet for every 1 chakra spend after the base 5.
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D-Rank Jutsu Shop!

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