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 he Fray: NaruSaku-SasuSaku-NaruHina Debate Central!

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PostSubject: he Fray: NaruSaku-SasuSaku-NaruHina Debate Central!   Wed Jul 24, 2013 12:29 am

Hello Naruto wars forum, and welcome on in to Debate Central. Although this whole section of the board is for pairing discussion, I think it would be beneficial to have a thread set up to debate these three large pairings (NaruSaku, SasuSaku, and NaruHina), so that we can keep track of debating and be able to represent our sides in one convinient place.

Other than following normal board rules, let's keep the discussion both on-topic, and civil. Don't just say "NaruSaku is the best", or "SasuSaku is best because I say so", that's not debating. Present your argument with facts, use the Manga as your basis (The reason I say Manga is because the Anime Team has the abillity to take liberties with their work. Filler, which is neither approved nor written by Massashi Kishimoto, should not be taken or used as a basis for theories, as Kishi doesn't have any reason to accept it's existance.), respect others opinions (you don't have to accept them, and they could be insane to you, but you have to understand that not everyone thinks alike), and most importantly, don't "troll" in here. The last thing we need are people spamming in here just to tick off fans.

And please guys, let's ignore the trolling. If you see a troll post, just blow if off and move on. Pretend you didn't see it, 'casue they WANT you to react.

Anyways, I'm getting carried away here, lol. So, come on in, debate, have fun, and let's shed the blood in a manner that doesn't make people hate each other, okay?

Although NaruSaku, SasuSaku, and NaruHina are the main focus of this thread, we can allow some ships such as SasuIno, SasuKarin, SasuHina, LeeSaku, etc. and even a little SasuNaru/NaruSasu in here, but if things get ridiculous, I would request that some of that discussion take place in a different thread. The reason for this is because these three clash with each other the most, and it'd be nice to keep things from getting cluttered, which is the whole goal of this thread. So yeah.... Post away!
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he Fray: NaruSaku-SasuSaku-NaruHina Debate Central!

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