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 Orochimaru's Destination & Yamato's Rescue

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PostSubject: Orochimaru's Destination & Yamato's Rescue   Tue Jul 23, 2013 11:49 pm

It just clicked* How come no one has mentioned this!

Orochimaru has taken over the body of the Narutoverse greatest spy...even greater than Kabuto, that is Zetsu...

With Orochimaru's T.O.B.I. (Take Over Bodily Incarnation) jutsu, he has acquired every knowledge and secret of Zetsu. Including secrets regarding Madara himself and Obito.
- All the research Obito has done
- All Obito's hideout
- All of Obito's collections including the Right Rinnegan, all them sharingans and every other info you can imagine that zetsu had. Oro now has it all...

So I think he's headed to the hideout which has answers to some of his questions.

Now with White Zetsu Body, Oro wouldn't need Sasuke's body anymore since he can wield a sharingan with no difficulty...

Secondly, Sasuke's Original Eyes are at the hideout somewhere, that zetsu knows and now Oro knows... Great collection

What'd he do with Yamato? just release him?

Oro's goal is the real thing here... What you guys think are the prospects of his come back as Villain...
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Orochimaru's Destination & Yamato's Rescue

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