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 Naruto Jutsu's make your own here!!!!

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Minato Namikaze
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PostSubject: Naruto Jutsu's make your own here!!!!    Mon Jul 30, 2012 1:17 am

I have a few jutsus i make up when im bored, Here how you can make a jutsu.

First think of what you wan it 2 do.

Next Think of a name

Then Choose an Element (E.g. Lightning, fire, wind, water, earth)

Then make up hand signs.

Then Select a rank, (E.g.S rank, Only the creator can do this, A rank only a Anbu Black opps member can do this,B rank Only a Jonin or higher can do this,C rank A chunin or higher jutsu, D rank A Genin or higher Jutsu. Or E rank A Kekkei Gennki User can only do this.)

Choose A weakness ( IT HAS TO HAVE A WEAKNESS!!)

Choose effect. And then ur done.

My Made up Jutsus (Hint If it's a S rank Jutsu you can't copy it with out Sharninggan. E rank Can't copy without the respective Kekkei Gennki.)

My Jutsus

Name:Lightning Bomb

Element:Lightning element

Hand signs: Tiger, snake,dog,monkey,horse,snake,hare.

Rank: S

Weakness:If opponent can dodge and grab users wrist, he can stop it.

EffectAfter hand signs grab wrist and large ball of energy Appears And a lightning bolt appears and Stabs through opponent, then A lightning exsplotion happenes. Killing opponent.
Hope this helps: ) Post yours here too.

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Naruto Jutsu's make your own here!!!!

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