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 Chapter 592 Prediction

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Itachi Uchiha
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PostSubject: Chapter 592 Prediction   Fri Jun 29, 2012 12:23 pm

was bored so i made a prediction.

592 : Mizukage Mei

Madara : Now that i can move freely i think it's about time i met this "Kabuto" and the one who is undoubtedly pulling his strings. Shadow Clone Jutsu!

A : where is he going?

Oonoki : We cant worry about that now! we're still in trouble here!

Madara : How observant of you, Oonoki. Now i can do as i desire and you five kage cannot stop me. Mokuton : Jukai Koutan!

Tsnuade : we have to do something about his Mokuton otherwise we're finished.

A : any bright ideas, Hokage?

Tsnuade : not at the moment

Mei : My lava techniques can set anything ablaze. It will turn his trees into cinders.

Gaara : do it.

Mei : Kazekage, Tsuchikage, get the others off the ground. The battlefield is about to change drastically! Lava Style, Devastating Eruption!

-the battlefield is covered by a thick layer of lava. Several boulders are durable enough to act as stepping stones. Tsunade, A, Mei and Madara stand on the boulders while Garra is on his floating sand and Oonoki is flying-

Mei : that techniques requires a lot of chakra but now i can manipulate this lava all around you whenever i want. I won't let you use your trees.

Madara : No matter.I have enough power to destroy you without Mokuton. Amateratsu!

Mei : (creates a wall of lava which solidifies) that was close! black flames like that Sasuke Uchiha...

Madara : Sasuke Uchiha? is it possible there has been another able to unlock mangekyou sharingan after my death?

A : just another piece of trash rouge like the one i'm staring at now.

Madara : interesting...

-scene switches to Tobi's battlefield-

Tobi : since Kabuto failed, the battlefields must be falling apart. The zetsus are meant to stall, not to win. I need to end this before anybody else troublesome arrives. Go Gedo Mazu!

Kakashi : I can't teleport something that big. Naruto, can you transform again?

Naruto : not for awhile, but we still have Bee for that.

Kakashi : Bee, I need you to hold that thing off. The allied reinforcements are only a few kilometers out by now. You two are going to have to retreat when they get here.

-scene switches to the reinforcements, they pass by the destruction caused by the battle-

-scene switches to Madara's clone, who is closing in on Kabuto's location-

Madara's clone : I could easily sense the location of this "Kabuto"when I was effected by the edo tensei. He's going to find out what happens when you try to control me!

Madara is heading towards Kabuto... and towards Sasuke!

-chapter end-


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Wind Daimyƍ

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 592 Prediction   Fri Jun 29, 2012 12:27 pm

This was a good prediction. And very possible.
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Chapter 592 Prediction

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