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 Naruto Chapter 535 Spoiler

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PostSubject: Naruto Chapter 535 Spoiler   Wed Apr 13, 2011 8:26 pm

535 : Iruka's persuasion
To Naruto he is the strongest barrier.

Naruto : Iruka-sensei, what are you doing on this remote island ?
Iruka : Hehe ... We came here because we were given the mission to come and assist. This island was in
big danger, or so I heard.

Naruto : Then ... Why can't I go outside ?
Iruka : Unknown beasts and animals appeared here, we must get a fix on who they are and ...

Naruto : I felt the Kyuubi's chakra outside, is this related to what you're talking about ?

Gen : Did he felt Kinkaku and Ginkaku's chakra in the Sealed Room ? We're in a load of trouble if he goes outside.
We have to stop him at all cost. You have to fool him, Iruka !

Iruka : Huh ... Yeah. There are beasts that possess Kyuubi's chakra, it seems. On this island, animals that possess Kyuubi's chakra
aren't that rare. If you go out, they will communicate with your Kyuubi go berserk, we can have that.
So please, stay inside.

Naruto : Is that why Captain Yamato didn't return ?

Iruka : Yes, you know that the Mokuton can somehow control Kyuubi's chakra, of course.

Naruto : ...

Iruka : Then ... come with me inside.

Naruto : I remember that Motoi said that Bee managed to tame all the beasts here and he became their king.
I remember the fist greeting. He didn't lie.

If animals go berserk, I can restrain them. Let me try.

Iruka, Nara dude and Gen : ...

Naruto goes Sennin Mode and start to dash thru Iruka and the others.

Nara dude : Naruto must go outside !

Akimichi guys : Right ! *they're appear right in front of Naruto*

Sage Naruto attack the Akimichi guys. Both Akimichi are seen flying outside the Waterfall of truth. Naruto's foreheard protector is blown off.

Naruto retrieves his foreheard protector.

Nara dude : Yes. I got him with Shadow Bind

Naruto : !!

When the Shadow get Naruto, he can see images of his friends fighting on the battlefield.

He see Kakashi and Guy fighting. He see Sakura and the Healing Team.
Shikamaru's Team fighting Kakuzu. Kimimaro tearing ninjas left and right. He see a lot of Zetsu fighting.

Naruto : What the f...

Iruka : ...

Naruto : What the hell is going on ?

Iruka : This is war. We're under attack from Madara's forces.

Naruto : !!?

Gen : Hey, Iruka what are you ...

Iruka : Gen, I don't think lying will do much good. Naruto isn't that stupid.
I think we have a better chance by talking with him honestly.

Naruto : All my friends are fighting for their lives, why are you keeping me hidden here ?

Iruka : Because the whole point of this war is to protect you.

Naruto : ??

Iruka : Madara is going full force on this war. He's using everything he can to get The Kyuubi inside you, and the Hachibi inside Killer Bee.
In this war, Everyone is risking their lives to protect you.
Naruto, you have to be patient, trust your friends and wait.

Naruto : ...

Naruto remembers his talking with Nagato about "War is hell" and stuff.

Iruka : So ... Let's go back to ...

Naruto : I'm going to finish this whole war myself. All this pain and sadness are mine to bear.
It's my duty.

Iruka : Didn't you hear me ? Kyuubi is inside you. It's no just about you, Naruto.

Naruto : You were the 1st one to aknowledge me as Naruto and not just as Kyuubi ...
Then why ? The only thing you're talking about is the Kyuubi. You don't seems to trust me or even notice me at all !

Iruka : Stop acting like a spoiled child, to me you are ...

Naruto and Iruka are both panting.

Naruto remembers when he saved Iruka from Mizuki. Iruka said "He is ... He is a superior student that I aknowledged.
He's no monster fox. He's Uzumaki Naruto from the leaf village.

Iruka : You are one of my most treasured student. One who is like my younger brother to me.

Naruto's Sage Mode vanish.

Iruka : If you fight, you will be targeted. It's not like I want you to go in such a dangerous place. You don't have to take that burden.

Naruto : I'm no longer the kid I used to be. I'm stronger now. Don't you remember you're the one who gave me that forehead protector ?

Iruka picks Naruto's forehead protector.

Gen : Hey, Iruka.

Iruka stands up in front of Naruto, returns his forehead protector and use a barrier ninjutsu.

Iruka : This is a no. I will never let you pass.

Naruto goes RS Mode.

Naruto : I told you I'm strong now. You can't keep me restrained with a barrier of that level.

Naruto utterly destroy the Barrier Ninjutsu.

Nara dude : He passed !

Gen uses his insects. : I won't let you pass ( The Kyuubi's chakra is too strong, my insects will do no good.
The whole Barrier Team is contacted. The whole team rushes to Naruto.

Naruto : Why ... Why Iruka-sensei ?

Naruto stops RS mode and pust his Forehead protector back.

Iruka gives a message to Naruto.

It's written "Knowing you Naruto. You would probably rush to the battlefield. I know your resolve. If you read this letter, this means I probably couldn't stop you.
Tsunade gave us the express oder that you would have to stay on this remote island from the Hidden Cloud.
When that happened, I prepared this letter. I'm pitiful. I don't know if I will give you this letter , but there is something I would rather say to you than write it.

Please, come back alive."

Naruto is holding tight his Forehead protector.

with his courage rushing, Naruto rushes to the battlefield.


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Naruto Chapter 535 Spoiler

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