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 Prediction Naruto Chapter 536 Kakashi's Rampage

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PostSubject: Prediction Naruto Chapter 536 Kakashi's Rampage   Tue Apr 12, 2011 9:54 am

Note that this is a prediction (for fun mostly) and not a spoiler.

The needle swordsman is about to impale Kakashi from behind.

Kakashi quickly does some hand signs and then ducks while placing his hand on the ground. The needle swordsman misses Kakashi and can't move.

Kakashi: Summoning: Ninja Hounds

Shows that the needle swordsman is being chomped by Pakkun and co.

Pakkun (thought): Bleh...Too stringy.

Needle Swordsman: As if this would stop me!

Needle Swordsman: Hidden Mist Jutsu unravel!

The needle Swordsman spins around really fast and the dogs can't hold on.

The needle swordsman stops. He's now all stringy.

Kakashi has appeared right in front of the needle swordsman

Kakashi: I learned this next one from Zabuza. I been meaning to use it.

The needle swordsman has needle daggers from his stringy himself that try to attack Kakashi but are stopped by a barrier of water.

Kakashi: Water Style. Water Prison Jutsu

Needle Swordsman: You seriously think water style will work against a Hidden Mist ninja much less one of the seven swordsman? Die you fool!

The needle daggers go through Kakashi...

It's of course just a shadow clone.

Needle Swordsman: What!?

Kakashi was actually behind the Needle Swordsman

Kakashi has his hand on the water prison

Kakashi: Lightning Style. Lightning Blade (Chidori) Current

While Kakashi is fighting the Needle Swordsman. Might Guy and Rock Lee
are pulverizing the Zetsus with ease.

Rock Lee: Wa cha!

Rock Lee clothesline two zetsus

Might Guy: Hiiiiiiyah!!!

Might Guy spin kicks four zetsus

Rock Lee: There sure are a lot of them!

Rock Lee kicks three Zetsus all in one go.

Might Guy: Just think of this training!

Rock Lee: Training? You must be joking, Master!

Might Guy jumps up in the air

Rock Lee elbows a Zetsu in the stomach then the face

Might Guy axe kicks a group of Zetsus from above and then lands.

Rock Lee: This is a warm up!

Rock Lee gives a thumbs up and a shiny smile.

Might Guy does as well. There are beaten Zetsus piled up.

Returning to Kakashi's fight

The Needle Swordsman is fried.

Kisame's Predecessor shoots his hair needles at Kakashi.

Kakashi dodges them and charges with lightning blade

Kisame's Predecessor shields itself like Jirayia's Needle Jizo.

Kakashi stops short of striking with lightning blade and instead
at the last moment switches to a point black Fire Style attack

Kakashi: Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!

Kisame's Predecessor is toast

Now both the lightning sword user and the blunt sword user attack Kakashi
from two directions.

Kakashi: Looks like things are getting interesting.

.................................................. .............................................

The scene changes to Naruto talking to Shino's Dad

Naruto: You sent Anbu to kill Sasuke!?

Shino's Dad: Sasuke is a liability that needs to be do away with!

Naruto: I was going to fight Sasuke! You can't...

Shino's Dad: Naruto. You're the not the Hokage. We don't take orders from you. Just because you want to bring Sasuke back doesn't mean...

Naruto: That's not what I mean! I'm the only one who can fight him!

Shino's Dad: I beg to differ. Parasite Insect Jutsu: Swarm

.................................................. ...........................................

Scene switches to Sasuke (with his blindfold still on) and Madara staring blankly at each other for a moment.

Sasuke then quickly appears behind Madara and stabs him with his sword

Madara then is revealed to be one of the Anbu Black Ops

Sasuke: Figures.

Soon after Sasuke is punctured by the chakra trident which got bigger.

Sasuke: What!?

Sasuke spits up blood

The Anbu though lifeless speaks in a telepathic manner

Anbu: This jutsu is a variant of the Shadow Clone...
Shadow Offspring Jutsu.

Sasuke: You're not where's that voice coming from?

The lifeless Anbu continues to talk

Anbu: Normally Shadow Clones disappear when struck and are a percentage of the user's own chakra. Usually less than 50%

Shows the North Sector Anbu

North Sector Anbu: Shadow Offspring Jutsu however takes chakra from two users and creates a new life form. It can have 100% chakra.
It can be coordinated and controlled with two ninja working together.

South Sector Anbu: One user allows for it to transform into an exact
replica of a person the opponent would know...even if that user has
never seen that particular person.

West Sector Anbu: While the other user uses the Shadow Offspring
as a medium to attack through. That's why you got stabbed even after
"killing" the Shadow Offspring

East Sector Anbu: Speaking of which. The poison should begin any moment.

Sasuke throws up a lot of blood

Sasuke (thought): My insides...they feel like they're on fire.

Sasuke clenches his stomach: Damn you....Konoha.

Sasuke dies in a puddle of his own coughed up blood

North Sector Anbu: Heh. That was easy. It's pathetic how the Foundation had so much trouble with him...!?

The North Sector Anbu sees that a sword is being held to his throat

Sasuke is about to slit the North Sector Anbu's throat.

North Sector Anbu: How...?

Sasuke: Don't bother request back up. I already killed the other three.

North Sector Anbu:: But when did you...? How did you...?

Sasuke: You were under my genjutsu from the beginning. You never actually did attack me with your fancy Shadow Clone variant.
That was all in your head. Your comrades were killed the moment
they stepped foot here.

North Sector Anbu: Impossible! We checked for genjutsu before attacking!

Sasuke: You got hit by the genjutsu when you passed the lone Cedar Tree.

North Sector Anbu: But that's...

Sasuke: Over a mile away? My vision has improved. Even with this blindfold on I can see everything clearly and now I see that you will die.

Sasuke kills the North Sector Anbu.

Sasuke takes the North Sector Anbu's mask

Sasuke: It will be a bother if I have to deal with everyone who gets in my way. Taking these items should help me blend in with the Ninja Alliance...

Shows the South, East, and West sector Anbu all brutally slain.

Shows Sasuke dressed up in the North Sector Anbu's outfit.
Sasuke is now carrying two swords.

Sasuke: Naruto...It's time I destroyed you once and for all.

The End of Chapter 536
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Prediction Naruto Chapter 536 Kakashi's Rampage

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